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  • Oxiracetam White Powder Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Smart Drugs Use No 62613-82-5

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    • Specifications

    Oxiracetam White Powder Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Smart Drugs Use No 62613-82-5

    Quick Detail:

    Product name: Oxiracetam

    No.: 62613-82-5

    MF: C6H10N2O3

    MW: 158.16

    Appearance: White crystalline power

    Loss on drying: 0.5%max

    Heavy metals: 10ppm max

    Melting point: 165-168ºC

    Assay: 98.0~101.0%

    Usage: Intelligent promotion of drugs for the elderly brain dysfunction syndrome, mental and behavioral disorders.

    Olaxetan is an analog of piracetam and improves memory and learning in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and memory impairment.

    Can improve senile dementia and memory impairment in patients with memory and learning function .


    1. Oxiracetam 62613-82-5 has been studied extensively on both healthy subjects and subjects with mental conditions with much success. There are little to no documented es of detrimental effects due to oxiracetam and it is extremely non-toxic and safe for contiuous daily consumption.

    2. Experience does show that taking too much oxiracetam on a single day can result in headaches and possible insomia, however the addition of a choline source usually prevents this. It is advised to regulate any nootropic intake depending on the immediate and longterm effects it produces for an individual.

    3.It is a derivative of piracetam, with a central excitatory effect. It could promote brain metabolism, and significantly improve and promote brain memory. It is also effective on the elderly memory and mental decline. After being took, most of the drugs excrete from urinary in the form of prototype drugs. The drug does not accumulate in the body, and it is of good absorption and tolerance. The drug is used for the elderly brain dysfunction and memory loss, especially for senile dementia. The drug can also be used for the rehabilitation treatment of neurosis, brain trauma, encephalitis and other brain diseases.
    The drug is used for senile brain dysfunction syndrome, mental disorders and so on.


    Oxiracetam 62613-82-5 is an analogue of piracetam however it is much more potent and effective than its counterpart. It is a water soluble compound and as such is absorbed better into the body when ingested with food and water.

    Oxiracetam 62613-82-5 is one of the most popular and well known nootropic on the internet, mainly due to its simiilaries with piracetam but more due to potency and strength.Often we recommend oxiracetam plus a choline source as a first choice of nootropic supplementation to customers because of its effectiveness vs cost ratio.

    This operates by the production of neurotransmitters glutamate and acetylcholine. Its exact mechanism of action is not fully understood medically however its two neurotramistters produced are known for both motor use, memory formation, learning and sustaining the transmission of neurons in the brain .

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