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    • Specifications

    99% Purity Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Powder Noopept CAS 157115-85-0

    Quick Details:

    Product Name Noopept; N-(1-(Phenylacetyl)-L-prolyl)glycine ethyl ester
    CAS No. 157115-85-0
    Molecular Formula C17H22N2O4
    Molecular Weight 318.37
    Density 1.202
    Melting point 96-98ºC
    Boiling point 547.3ºC
    Flash point 284.8ºC
    Assay 99%
    Solubility soluble in DMSO
    Appearance White off-white crystalline powder
    Grade Standard Food Grade, Medicine Grade
    Appearance White crystal or crystalline powder
    Storage Store in well-closed container, protec…
    Usage 1. Enhance memory

    2. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease


    Nootropic drugs are described as “Smart Drugs” because, as a whole, this drug category can have an enhancing effect in the areas of memory, focus, cognition, and neurological deficits. The bulk of these drugs have proven to improve conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain types of brain traumas. Noopept is one such nootropic. Noopept is a brand name for a chemical called N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, which is the synthetic alternative to Piracetam. In order to receive the greatest benefit the required dosage of Noopept is much lower than Piracetam. For example, 4800 mg of piracetam is equated to a daily dosage of Noopept at only 15-30 mg. After administration, Noopept appears to provide a neuro protective effect; however, researchers have yet to explain exactly why this neuro protective element occurs


    it has been determined that Noopept was beneficial in restoring cognition in regard to Alzheimer’s disease. It has, also, shown to prevent free radicals and pro-inflammatory cytokines accumulation, ionic imbalance, neurotrophin deficit and excitotoxicity. (Ostrovskaya, & et. al, 2014). However, as yet, the neuro protective qualities identified apparently do not affect brains that are not impaired; the uninjured daily user may experience little or no effect from Noopept (Frank, 2014). The effects of Noopept do appear to vary from user to user. Some experience a minute change in their memory and cognitive abilities, and others may experience a huge increase in memory ability and capacity to recall small details.

    The short and long-term effects of Noopept use have proven to be beneficial and positive. The increased capacity of memory, attention span, and overall cognition is improved. According to experts, after tests conducted on rabbits, explain that there have been no toxic, allergic, or direct health risks associated with this nootropic.

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