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MW: 366.4998
Sinónimos:NSI-189;[2-[(3-Methylbutyl)aminado]-3-pyridinyl][4-(phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl]methanone;[2-[(3-Methylbutyl)aminado]-3-pyridinyl][4-(phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl]methanone NSI189;NSI-189 [2-[(3-Methylbutyl)aminado]-3-pyridinyl][4-(phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl]methanone;NSI-189, >=98%;(4-benzylpiperazin-1-yl)-[2-(3-methylbutylamino)pyridin-3-yl];(4-benzylpiperazin-1-yl)-[2-(3-methylbutylamino)pyridin-3-yl],NSI-189

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Factory Price Pharmaceutical Intermediate Raw Material Powder NSI-189 CAS 1270138-40-3 For Antidepressant




MW: 366.4998


Sinónimos:NSI-189;[2-[(3-Methylbutyl)aminado]-3-pyridinyl][4-(phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl]methanone;[2-[(3-Methylbutyl)aminado]-3-pyridinyl][4-(phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl]methanone NSI189;NSI-189 [2-[(3-Methylbutyl)aminado]-3-pyridinyl][4-(phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl]methanone;NSI-189, >=98%;(4-benzylpiperazin-1-yl)-[2-(3-methylbutylamino)pyridin-3-yl];(4-benzylpiperazin-1-yl)-[2-(3-methylbutylamino)pyridin-3-yl],NSI-189


NSI-189 is a benzylphiperizine-aminiopyridine, nootropic and neurogenic research chemical created by Neuralstem, Inc. that was derived from pyrazine and nicotinamide. Studies have shown that it stimulates neurogenesis of human hippocampus-derived neural stem cells in vivo and vitro .

In healthy adult mice, NSI-189 has been shown to increase the hippocampal volume by 20% and reverse behavioral symptoms in mouse depression models, meaning at the source it could address depression . The hippocampus is responsible for spatial navigation, along with the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory.

The chemical entity stimulates new neuron growth in the hippocampus, which is an area of the brain that is believed to be contributory in conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer’s disease, and major depressive disorder (MDD).

Method of Action

Although it has been demonstrated in rats and chimps, the suggestion that having too small of a hippocampus causes depression and other diseases in humans is still technically just a theory. NSI-189 increases hippocampal volume in adult mice by 20%, a region of the brain that is one of the first to suffer damage resulting in memory loss, disorientation, encephalitis, and hypoxia from disease’s such as Alzheimer’s .


Tests have shown that NSI-189 significantly improved behavioral responses that are associated with depression . In humans it may counter hippocampal atrophy which is seen in disorders such as MDD, reversing their symptoms. A phase 1B randomized, doble ciego, placebo-controlled, multiple-dose escalation study conducted over a 28 day period showed behavioral efficacy in 24 patients who were orally administered NSI-189 .

The efficacy measurements showed a clinically meaningful reduction in cognitive and depressive symptoms across all measures, and appeared to persist over time during follow up for the efficacy assessments which included the Clinical Global ImpressionImprovement (CGI-I), Montgomery-Aserb Depression Rating Scale (MADRS), Cognitive and Physical Functioning Questionnaire (CPFQ, and the Symptoms of Depression Questionnaire (SDQ) .

How NSI-189 works

This drug was developed to address three important aspects of depression including hippocampal volume, neurogenesis and neurotransmission. NSI-189 increases the volume within the hippocampus. In so doing, hippocampal volume and healthy brain cell density is increased thereby improving mod and cognitive performance. Aside from increasing hippocampal volume, the drug also improves neuronal cell functionality. It works it promoting healthy neuronal cell growth whilst repair damaged areas in the brain.

Dosage and Suggestion

Studies conducted to evaluate effects of NSI-189 revealed that 40 a 80 mg daily is effective in treating depression and cognitive symptoms amongst healthy patients. In these trials, there are no serious adverse events recorded. Generally, NSI-189 is well tolerated and safe for human use.

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Con nuestros años de experiencia, tecnología avanzada e investigación continua, our quality is to fully meet the needs of the market to meet the requirements ofcustomers, muchos clientes usan nuestros productos, we believe that the product is very good.Whether it is a powder, o líquido, sí, todos sabemos, nuestro liquido mejor.

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Nuestro modo de transporte se toma de acuerdo a la situación de cada país es un transporte diferente, mientras que nuestro embalaje, Según la última situación aduanera,actualizado constantemente, mejorado nuestro embalaje, te garantizamos que lo recibes dentro de 3-5 to your product.

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Our goods packing will not contain any hormone information and can be sent outfrom different areas of china.At present,la tasa de despacho de aduana de mercancías que enviamos a Estados Unidos y Europa es 99%, En cuanto a Canadá, Brasil de área de tasa de cierre de hebilla bastante alta, we also have a new way to get through the customs.We also have completely re-send policy to some areas.

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