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Cognitive Enhancer Nootropic Sunifiram / Dm-235 As Effective Anti-Amnesiac Drug CAS 314728-85-3

Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)
Modell-Nr : 314728-85-3
Zertifizierung : GMP, SGS , ISO 9001:2008 , KOSCHER
Herkunftsort : China
MOQ : Verhandlung
Preis : Verhandelbar ( Rabatte für große Bestellungen )
Zahlungsbedingungen : Western Union, MoneyGram, Banküberweisung, Bitcoin
Lieferfähigkeit : 100 KG/Monat
Lieferzeit : Innerhalb 7 Arbeitstage
Verpackungsinformationen : Stealth und diskrete Verpackung
Produktname : Sunifiram
Anderer Name : Dm-235
FALL : 314728-85-3
Aussehen : Weißes Puder
Verwendung : Kognitiver Verstärker
Versandart : EMS, HKEMS, FEDEX, DHL, UPS, Aramex, ETC
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Cognitive Enhancer Nootropic Sunifiram / Dm-235 As Effective Anti-Amnesiac Drug CAS 314728-85-3




Synonyme:Piperazin, 1-benzoyl-4-(1-Oxopropyl)-;SunifiraM;1-(4-Benzoyl-1-piperazinyl)-1-Propanon;1-Benzoyl-4-(1-Oxopropyl)-Piperazin;1-(4-Benzoylpiperazin-1-yl)Propan-1-eins;1-Benzoyl-4-propanoylpiperazin;Sunifiram DM235


Sunifiram (DM-235) is a synthetic derivative of Piracetam, although due to breaking the pyrrolidone backbone it is no longer in the Racetam class of drugs (yet by being derived from them, it is still commonly associated with this class).
Sunifiram has mechanisms similar to Nefiracetam in the hippocampus, and similar to that drug sunifiram shows anti-amnesiac properties and is potentially a cognitive enhancer. Its anti-amnesiac activity is several orders of magnitude greater than piracetam on a per weight basis, and preliminary evidence suggest it has a similarly low toxicity profile.

This compound is known as an AMPAkine due to exerting most of its actions via the AMPA receptor (one of the three main subsets of glutamate receptors, alongside NDMA and kainate). This enhancement of AMPA function seems to also rely on enhancing signalling via the Glycine binding site of NMDA receptors, although one minimal signalling goes through the NMDA receptor then the benefits on AMPA receptors seem dose-dependent.


Sunifiram (DM-235) is a piperazine derived research chemical which has anti-amnesiac effects in animal studies with significantly higher potency than piracetam. Sunifiram is a molecular simplification of unifiram. Based on in vitro and animal studies, it appears that sunifiram acts via AMPA-receptor activation.

Sunifiram operates by activating AMPA receptors; that is, the receptors that are responsible for the mediation of synaptic transmission in the central nervous system. Its mechanics also increases phosphorylation of AMPAR and NMDAR through protein kinase activation, which in turn enhances long-term potentiationthat is, an enhancement in signal transmission between two neurons resulting from simultaneous stimulation.

The kinase activation that is influenced by Sunifiram also improves cognitive defects. Zusätzlich, Sunifiram works in the cerebral cortex of animal test subjects by assisting in the release of acetylcholine, the organic molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter in a host of various organisms. These operational mechanisms enable Sunifiram to exert anti-amnesiac properties.


Sunifiram increases energy levels, allowing users to feel more motivated and eliminate Sunifiram increase Levels of concentration increase, and users feel less distracted by external stimuli Sunifiram also enhances long-term potentiation, which is the forming of new connections regarding memory storage.Sunifiram has some anxiolytic benefits.Feeling more relaxed is beneficial when trying to focus.

während sogar in höherer Dosis

It is very hard to determine an optimal dose for sunifiram due to such limited evidence, this gives a preliminary human dose of 0.08-0.16mg/kg (for a 150lb person, 5.4-11mg).

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