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Сырой порошок стероидов

» Сырой порошок стероидов

  • White Raw Powder Stanolone CAS: 521-18-6 Anabolic Steroid Increase Muslce Growing

    Сырой порошок стероидов

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    White Raw Powder Stanolone CAS: 521-18-6 Anabolic Steroid Increase Muslce Growing

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    наименование товара Станолон
    Stanolone Alias Androstanolone; DHT
    Stanolone CAS 521-18-6
    Stanolone Molecular formula C19H30O2
    Stanolone Molecular Weight 414.62
    Анализ 99%
    Появление Белый кристаллический порошок
    Упаковка Discreet package for delivery guarantee!
    Delivery terms HKEMS,EMS,UPS, China post
    Shipping time 3-7 Boldenone Series Boldenone Base для увеличения мышечной массы
    Оплата Вестерн Юнион, Мы компания веб-дизайна в Шэньчжэне, Т / Т, paypal

    Androstanolone is chemically identical to DHT. DHT is mainly formed in the testes, the hair follicles, the adrenal glands and the prostate gland and is produced when testosterone interacts with an enzyme in the body. In the womb, DHT stimulates the development of male characteristics of the male embryo and fetus. During puberty, it is involved in developing other male characteristics such as body and facial hair and the deepening of the voice. Later in life, the level of DHT is usually much lower, and its presence can cause problems.


    Stanolone uses for chronic wasting disease, osteoporosis, severe infection and trauma, burn, etc caused by the negative nitrogen balance, promote the growth of premature infants and immature, и т.д. The fracture is not easy to heal, hypercholesterolemia and postpartum depression can also be used.

    Stanolone can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to promote metabolism. Анаболические эффекты включают рост мышечной массы и силы., повышенная плотность и прочность костей, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation.It doesn’t metabolize in the body long enough to make it to the muscles.

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