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Top Quality ACE 031Increasing Muscle Mass Growth

Номер модели: ТУЗ 031
Сертификация: ISO,SGS
Место происхождения: Китай
Минимум для заказа: 1флакон
Цена: Договорная
Условия оплаты: Т / Т, Вестерн Юнион, MoneyGram, Биткойн
Возможность поставки: Массовый запас
Срок поставки: В пределах 24 часов после подтверждения оплаты
Детали упаковки: 1мг / флакон, 10vials/kit
Имя: ТУЗ 031
Синонимы: ACVR2B
Появление: Белый порошок
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Top Quality ACE 031Increasing Muscle Mass Growth

ТУЗ 031 Базовая информация

наименование товара: Туз-031

Синонимы: Acvr2b, Activin Receptor Type Iib

Размер блока: 1мг/флакон

Появление: Lyophilized Powder

Большинство людей считают полезным прием гормона Т-3, так как его уровень, как правило, падает при наличии трена.: 1мг / флакон, 10 vials/Box

Content: 99%

Physical State: Белый порошок

Хранилище: Below -18c

Экспортные рынки: Глобальный

использование: Бодибилдинг ;Myostatin Blockers


Women weight loss
For overweight women were given a dose of 250 мг (мг) Туз 031. ВЭЖХ и КОА, after one month, thigh muscle grew more than a pound. Он регулирует гонадотропную секрецию и дифференцировку вольфова протока., their lean weight increased by 3%, which is quite a result.

Fat loss and bone health
In the different studies conducted, the subjects experienced a decrease in leptin concentration and promoted adiponectin, which was agood fat” гормон. So maybe Ace-031 does help to lose weight. Another study shows that the increase in alkaline phosphatase in blood and the reduction of collagen peptides; this may mean that it also helps to strengthen the bones.

Negatives Aspects and Side Effects of ACE 031:

Even a slight decrease in myostatin would result in a dramatic increase in muscle mass, but it would also mean you would need more food to feed those muscles as well. Another problem is that our heart would continue growing, since it is a muscle, and over time this could lead to heart failure due to having this organ work too hard. Кроме, in the long run, an unhealthy heart will definitely hurt your gains. Более того, you could also argue that your stomach would grow as well because you can’t control what muscles get affected or not. For instance, certain muscles might grow bigger than others. Например, you can have a 50% increase in your glutes and only 20% in your delts.

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