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Top Grade Powerful Muscle Growth Peptide MGF( 2мг / флакон ) —- Also PEG MGF (2мг)

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Top Grade Powerful Muscle Growth Peptide MGF( 2мг / флакон ) —- Also PEG MGF (2мг)


Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) also known as IGF-1Ec is a growth factor/repair factor that is derived from exercised or damaged muscle tissue. It’s called MGF as IGF-IEa is a bit of a mouthful and harder to identify amongst the other IGF variants. What makes MGF special is itsunique role in muscle growth. MGF has the ability to cause wasted tissue to grow and improve by activating muscle stem cells and increasing the upregulation of protein synthesis, this unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and speed up muscle growth. MGF can initiate muscle satellite (stem) cell activation in addition to its IGF-1 receptor domain which, in turn, increases protein synthesis turnover; поэтому, if used correctly it can improve muscle mass over time.

How To Use MGF:

When you train, what happens to your muscles is they break down, the cells are damaged, muscle tissue needs to be repaired and your body produces 2 forms of MGF splice variant. The first initial release of the above mentioned number 1 variant from the liver helps muscle cell recovery, if there is no MGF then muscle cells die. As muscle is a post-mitotic tissue and as such cell replacement is not a means of tissue repair, if the cells are not repaired they die and your muscles get smaller and weaker. In muscle tissue, the pool of these stem cells is apparently replenished by the action of MGF, which is produced as a pulse following damage. Now, with synthetic injections of MGF you can increase the pulse and so speed up recovery, and increase the muscle tissue cells by stimulating satellite cells into full maturity. In terms of dosages, 200mcg bi-laterally is the very best choice of dosing in muscles trained. The only problem with MGF, and this is the reason I don’t like it, is that it has such a short half life, just a few minutes, between 5-7, and it needs to be used immediately post workout as it wont work if muscle tissue hasn’t been damaged. That’s why, for me personally, I think the best option is PEG MGF. Nevertheless, MGF has a huge role to play, and is administered to those with muscle wasting diseases and for those who are elderly and have lost muscle mass for good reason, it is EXTREMELY anabolic.





MGF (2мг) HGH 176-191 (2мг)
ПЭГ MGF (2мг) CJC-1295 (2мг)
DSIP (2мг) CJC-1295 ЦАП (2мг)
TB500 (2мг) GHRP-2 (5мг / 10мг)
Окситоцин (2мг) GHRP-6 (5мг / 10мг)
Гексарелин (2мг) Селанк (5мг)
Трипторелин (2мг) Эпиталон (10мг)
Ипаморелин (2мг) ПТ-141 (10мг)
Серморелин (2мг) Меланотан I (10мг)
Гонадорелин (2мг / 10мг) Меланотан II (10мг)
Тесаморелин (2мг) ACE031 (1мг)
BPC157 (2мг) Фоллистатин 315 (1мг)
AOD9604 (2мг) Фоллистатин 344 (1мг)

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