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  • Medical Aniracetam Anti Aging Drugs CAS 72432-10-1 Белый кристаллический порошок

    Умные наркотики

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    Medical Aniracetam Anti Aging and Smart Brain Drugs white Powder 72432-10-1

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    • наименование товара: Aniracetam
    • КЕЙС : 72432-10-1
    • Появление : Белый кристаллический порошок
    • Идентификация : Must positive
    • Температура плавления : 119°C ~122°C
    • Absorbance : 476~506
    • Chlorides : ≤0.014%
    • Сульфат : ≤0,04%
    • Убыток от высыхания : <0.5%
    • Связанные вещества : <1.0%
    • Сульфатная зола : <0.1%
    • Тяжелые металлы : ≤20 частей на миллион
    • категории товаров: Brain health drug;Ноотропный;» Жидкие инъекционные стероиды;» Жидкие инъекционные стероиды & » Жидкие инъекционные стероиды;Neurochemicals;Фармацевтические препараты

    Aniracetam Smart Powders is your one stop shop for nootropics, adaptogens and nutritional sports supplements for health, fitness and bodybuilding. Our dedicated team will help you select among hundreds of brands, including our exclusive Smart Powders line.


    Aniracetam is an analogue in the racetam family, which was developed after piracetam. Because aniracetam enters the bloodstream quickly , it is known as the more potent racetam that can improve memory, cognition as well as improving mood.

    While there are fewer aniracetam studies than piracetam, there is evidence to suggest aniracetam can aid in creativity and greater association between concepts (like putting a puzzle together).

    Aniracetam is unique because of the unique mood enhancing effects. The nootropic reduces anxiety via interactions with serotonin, dopamine, and choline receptors . Beyond anxiety, there is evidence to suggest it can even be an alternate treatment for depression , which is attributed to the main mechanism of action (how it works!)

    Largely considered safe and highly effective, aniracetam is a popular nootropic compound that has gained much acclaim through limited research and community anecdotes in recent years.

    Aniracetam Benefits

    We understand and resonate if you’re asking “what does aniracetam do for me?

    How is aniracetam going to make your life better? How will it be a force for good in your life when compared to other nootropics that are available? The aniracetam benefits are manifold and somewhat well documented.

    Aniracetam primarily works by exciting certain brain receptors known as AMPA receptors . This uniquely makes aniracetam an anti-anxiety and anti-depression nootropic . Many people who use aniracetam claim it improves their mood and general wellbeing.

    The aniracetam smart drug also acts as a strong neuroprotection agent . In one study, the drug helped to improve memory and learning damage in those who struggled with trauma to the brain. Another study showed the aniracetam benefit of protecting against brain trauma as well .

    This nootropic is a great memory enhancer through a brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) , which acts as fertilizer for your brain. This is one of the main raw ingredients your brain needs for learning and memory.

    Окончательно, there are benefits of creativity and learning associated with certain parts of the brain. Some consider this effect akin to “putting pieces of a puzzle together” as correlated by both research and anecdotes alike.

    There are many purely anecdotal aniracetam benefits, such as effects and interactions with alcohol, improved creativity, and a host of others. Be wary of anecdotal reports, but it is possible for your unique brain chemistry to see more benefits than are adequately researched.

    How Does Aniracetam Work?

    Each nootropic compound that you ingest has what is referred to as a “mechanism of action”. The aniracetam mechanism of action is essentially how it works to make a change in your brain and body.

    This nootropic is unique because the mechanism of action is more well-known than many others in the family. It is a nootropic that excites the AMPA receptors (ampakines) [10] in the brain. This is the main mechanism that is responsible for the downstream effects, such as improved mood, less anxiety, and reduced depression.

    This AMPA modulation of aniracetam also allows for increased BDNF (as described in the benefits section). It is through AMPA (and secondary mechanisms) that aniracetam sees most of its benefits.

    How to Take Aniracetam?

    Recommended dosage, active amounts, other details
    Doses between 10 мг bodyweight and 100 мг bodyweight have been used in rats with efficacy in laboratory settings. Limited human evidence finds that oral doses in the 1,000-1,500 mg range (over the course of a day) tend to be effective.

    Doses as low as 400 mg have been reported to have some efficacy, and it is common to take the above 1,000-1,500 mg aniracetam in two divided doses of 500-750 mg twice daily with meals.

    Aniracetam powder has a highly bitter taste, so capsules may be a better purchase for those who wish to avoid that.

    Aniracetam Dosage

    Unlike piracetam, which requires a high dosage of many grams per day, aniracetam is highly potent and requires much less. A typical aniracetam dosage might look something like this:

    750 mg x twice per day

    Keep in mind that aniracetam peaks in your bloodstream around 40 minutes after taking the drug [12], you might want to vary your doses during the hardest work sessions that you have (perhaps 3 4 hours apart). That way you can re-up your dosage rather than taking it all at once.

    Many beginners use a small aniracetam dosage so as to avoid the risk of adverse effects. Even a normal aniracetam dosage will probably cause few side effects, but it is worthwhile for beginners to protect themselves in any way possible.

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