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Peptide Series Powder Hexarelin 2mg/Vial for Bodybuilding

Сертификация: ISO 9000, SGS
Номер модели: HBYC
Минимум для заказа: 10грамм
Срок поставки: в течение 24 часов после подтверждения оплаты
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Peptide Series Powder Hexarelin 2mg/Vial for Bodybuilding


наименование товара: Гексарелин
Синонимы: Examorelin
КЕЙС: 140703-51-1
MF: C47H58N12O6
МВт: 887.04
Чистота (ВЭЖХ): 98.0%
Появление: белый порошок
Одиночная примесь (ВЭЖХ): 0.5%Максимум
Аминокислотный состав: ±10% от теоретического
Содержание пептидов (Н%): ≥80.0%
Содержание воды(Карл Фишер): ≤8.0%
Содержание ацетата(HPIC): ≤10.0%


Hexarelin is a six-amino acid peptide. Studies have shown that hexarelin is actually more effective and longer lasting than growth hormone releasing hormone (ГРХ). It is also known that GHRP-6 has a synergistic effect with GHRH, causing a far greater release than either of these substances alone. By combining GHRP-6 with Hexarelin, a more potent GH releasing peptide combination is created than ever heard of. The potential clinical usefulness of these GH releasing hexapeptides is also reinforced by observations that long-term administration produces elevations in circulating IGF-1 concentrations. Long term treatment with GHRP-6 similarly has been shown to elevate serum IGF-1 as well as IGF-binding protein-3 concentrations and promote linear growth.Hexarelin comes in a freeze dried powder just like the other GHRP peptides and storage should be done in a cool dry place until reconstituted and placed in a refrigerator. Bacteriostatic water is used to reconstitute the powder and an insulin syringe is the preferred method for administering subcutaneous injections of hexarelin. Users will notice 200mcgs is the saturation dose for hexarelin and over a few weeks of use total desensitization may begin to take place. Гексадрон – мощный анаболик., the occasional flare up of the pituitary has been noted when dosing far beyond saturation doses. Desensitization can be cleared easily by taking a break from hexerlin usage for a few days to a few weeks. This GHRP is the strongest, and because of the desensitization factor, I believe the optimal way to use this peptide would be to blend it at low doses with other GHRP’s like GHRP2, GHRP6 or iPamorelin.


Hexarelin is an appetite-regulating factor secreted from peripheral organs that is involved in regulation of energy homoeostasis via binding to the receptor resulting in the secretion of by the pituitary gland.The pathway activated by binding of Hexarelin to the secretagogue receptor, GHSR1a, regulates the activation of the downstream mitogen-activated protein kinase, Akt, nitric oxide synthase, and AMPK cascades in different cellular systems. One of the important features of GHSR1a displays constitutive activity possessing basal activity in the absence of an agonist, resulting in a high degree of receptor internalization as well as of signaling activity.Inverse agonists for the Hexarelin receptor could be particularly interesting for the treatment of obesity.This activity seems to provide a tonic signal required for the development of normal height, probably through an effect on the GH axis


Провирон — пероральный анаболический стероид., the most amazing finding with hexarelin was its ability to act on cardiac receptors separate from the GH releasing properties. The peptide can directly aid in cardio protective left ventricular pressure issues, as well as, help healing scar tissue on the heart. Studies on lean and obese lab rats concluded that while lean rats were able to take advantage of the GH plasma increase better than the obese rats (the healthier the rat the more hexarelin effectively produced and utilized GH), obese rats did not see the same advantage. Separate from the studies that monitored GH, both lean and obese rats both received all of the cardio protective properties of hexarelin.

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пептид (во флаконах & Готов к использованию) Технические характеристики
MGF 2мг / флакон
5мг / флакон
TB500 2мг / флакон
5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
Ипаморелин 2мг / флакон
5мг / флакон
Гонадорелин 2мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
БПЦ 157 2мг / флакон
5мг / флакон
HGH 176-191 2мг / флакон
5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
CJC-1295 2мг / флакон
5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
GHRP-2 5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
GHRP-6 5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
Меланотан II 5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
ИФР-1 LR3 0.1мг / флакон
1мг / флакон
Аргирелина ацетат 5мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
Фоллистатин 344 1мг / флакон
Фоллистатин 315 1мг / флакон
ТУЗ 031 1мг / флакон
Гексарелин 2мг / флакон
Трипторелина ацетат 2мг / флакон
ГДФ-8 1мг / флакон
Серморелин 2мг / флакон
Тесаморелин 2мг / флакон
АОД-9604 2мг / флакон
CJC-1295 ЦАП 2мг / флакон
10мг / флакон
Эпиталон 10мг / флакон
ПТ-141 10мг / флакон
Меланотан I 10мг / флакон
Teriparatide Acetate 10мг / флакон
Окситоцин 2мг / флакон
ПЭГ MGF 2мг / флакон
DSIP 2мг / флакон
Селанк 5мг / флакон

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