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    Умные наркотики

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    КЕЙС 3685-84-5 99% Ноотропный порошок / Фармацевтическое сырье Фладрафинил

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    Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride Spec.
    наименование товара: Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride
    MF: C12H17Cl2NO3
    EINECS: 222-975-3
    Химические свойства:Белый сплошной
    Депутат: 133-135° C

    Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride Description:

    Centrophenoxine is synthesized from the naturally occurring DMAE chemical. DMAE has been shown to have a positive impact on mood and cognition, but there are some disputes about its method of action. Some people believe that it should be considered a precursor to Acetylcholine. тем не мение, others believe that this is not accurate due to the fact that the broken down choline molecules that result from DMAE have not been proven to efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier. Centrophenoxine is believed to be a more efficient and bioavailable form of DMAE with different and more advanced effects.

    Centrophenoxine can enhance unique physical and cognitive properties. Centrophenoxine improves both
    the functioning and appearance of cells in your brain and body by helping to rid them of waste products
    and by improving the composition of cellular membranes. Centrophenoxine can thus be considered both a cognitive enhancer and an anti-aging supplement.

    Recommended Dosage: 250-500мг

    Directions: Centrophenoxine is water soluble. Recommended to take with food. Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding.

    Centrophenoxine is prescribed in some countries under the brand nameLucidrilto help combat Alzheimer’s. It is synthesized from DMAE. DMAE is a natural chemical that has been shown to improve areas of cognition and mood. DMAE’s exact method of action is slightly disputed. Some see it as a precursor to Acetylcholine but others contest this as choline molecules broken down from DMAE are not believed to cross the blood-brain-barrier efficiently.

    Centrophenoxine Method of Action
    Choline and certain phospholipids are converted into Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is important and higher levels and receptor uptake will lead to better cognition. Not all choline will be converted into Acetylcholine and there are several processes that take place between the choline to Acetylcholine conversation. It seems as not all choline sources are created equal. Some sources will have much higher levels of

    Medical Benefits
    Centrophenoxine has been marketed under trade names such asLucidril”. In medical science, Centrophenoxine has been shown to help with Alzheimer’s, Dementia and general cognition. Centrophenoxine may also help with mood and ADHD. It is often combined with Alzheimer’s drugs to

    Increase effectiveness.
    Centrophenoxine is also an excellent antioxidant. It helps to reduce free radicals in the brain. It is more superior to DMAE as an antioxidant. По этой причине, Centrophenoxine has been promoted to reducebrain agingand is marketed primarily as a powerful antioxidant.

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