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19-norandrostendione / Norandrostenedione

Прогормона, Сырой порошок стероидов
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Prohormone Raw Steroid Powder 19-norandrostendione / Norandrostenedione CAS 734-32-7 Верхний порошок ацетата тренболона очищенности для здания мышцы





An illicit hormone, Nandrolone diketone can be metabolized by the body and converted into synthetic metabolic steroid Nandrolone. According to the news, some athletes try to gain a competitive advantage by using illicit use of norradodione and other hormones.


Over the past few years, hormone supplements have been to the general public to promote.


Supplemental manufacturers often claim that the use of hormones may increase testosterone, increase muscle strength and quality, reduce body fat, enhance mood, improve sexual performance.


тем не мение, most hormonal studies contradict these claims. Он регулирует гонадотропную секрецию и дифференцировку вольфова протока., many hormone supplements are contaminated with non-synthetic metabolic androgen steroids, not included in the list of ingredients.






Norandrostenedione provides is that it does not convert into DHT. It also does not need to aromatize into estrogen and retain water.

Norandrostenedione does aid in building lean muscle mass as well as quick recoveries during workouts.

Norandrostenedione can aid in the increase or enlargement of the muscle. Its nutrients also repair and rebuild muscle between workouts. Some athletes enjoy the increase in energy that can keep their workouts longer and more potent.




Recommendations: For best results take 100mg-250mg of norandrostenedione 1-3 times daily. On training days, be sure to take one dose approximately 30 minutes prior to training.

Cycle: You need to cycle 19-norandrostendione so that your body doesn’t simply adjust to the high levels of nandrolone. Cycle ON for 4-6 weeks maximum; then cycle OFF for at least 2-4 weeks before repeating.



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18 Болденон ундесиленат (Equipoise) КЕЙС: 13103-34-9
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31 Супердрол КЕЙС: 3381-88-2
32 Тамоксифен цитрат (Нолвадекс) КЕЙС: 54965-24-1
33 Кломифен цитрат (Кломид) КЕЙС: 50-41-9
34 Торемифен цитрат (Фарестон) КЕЙС: 89778-27-8
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42 дутастерид КЕЙС: 164656-23-9
43 Древности (МК-2866) КЕЙС: 841205-47-8
44 Кардарин (GW-501516) КЕЙС: 317318-70-0
45 Андарин (S4) КЕЙС: 401900-40-1
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