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Growth Hormone Peptides Epitalon 307297-39-8 for Anti Aging and Muscle Gaining

Numéro de modèle: Qualité pharmaceutique
Attestation: BPF,ISO 9001,SGS
Lieu d'origine: Chine
Quantité minimum d'achat: 10flacons
Prix: 2.5usd/vials
Modalités de paiement: T/T, Western union, MoneyGram.Bitcoin
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 500KG/mois
Heure de livraison: dans 3 jours après paiement
Détails de l'' emballage: Foil bag or Sterile vials
Nom: Épitalon
spécification: 10mg/flacon
Couleur: White Lyophilized Powder
Category: Anti Aging peptide
  • Caractéristiques

Growth Hormone Peptides Epitalon 307297-39-8 for Anti Aging and Muscle Gaining


Détail rapide


Nom du produit épithalon
Nom chimique Epithalone, Épitalon
Numero CAS 307297-39-8
Formule moléculaire C14H22N4O9
Masse moléculaire 390
spécification 10mg/vail
Essai 99.5%
Apparence poudre blanche


Épitalon La description:


When you old, you amy became balding, fine lines and ugly fat deposits. The process of aging only feels worse when you accumulate aches, pains and injuries along the way. Epitalon can help you a lot. Any serious bodybuilder is going to experience some injuries, but there may be a day where people don’t have to age ungracefully and painfully. That’s because there’s a research peptide called Epitalon (a.k.a. épithalon, Epithalamin, Epithalone), which is proven to have some dramatic anti-aging benefits. Actually, it’s a tetrapeptide because Epitalon’s structure is made on four amino acid chains. The elongation of telomeres, thus the protection against cancer and other age-related diseases.


Application :


1. épithalon (également connu sous le nom d'Epitalon ou Epithalone) is the synthetic version of the polypeptide Epithalamin which is naturally produced in humans. This pineal peptide preparation is secreted in the epithlamium-epiphyseal region of the brain.


2. Its more prominent tasks are: to regulate metabolism in the epiphysis, increase the sensitivity of hypothalamus to its natural hormonal influences, normalize the function of the anterior pituitary, regulate the levels of gonadotropins and melatonin in the body.


3. Epithalamin increases a person’s resistance to emotional stress and also acts as an antioxidant.

4. Epithalamin was first discovered in the late 1980’s by Prof. Vladimir Khavinson from St. Petersburg, Russie. It has been studied extensively ever since. It is known by several names, including Epitalon, épithalon, Epithalone, Epithalamin and Epithalamine.


5. Since all the patents are held by the Russian inventor there is not much interest for this tetra-peptide from the western big pharma industry. This makes the substance fairly unknown in the west due to the absence of marketing usually seen with big pharma products.


6. In Russia it is currently in clinical studies and shows prospective results as treatment for liver disorders, neuropathology, psychiatry and geriatrics.

7. Epitalon can Life extension by elongation of telomeres and telomerase activation, they maintain the body strong and healthy.


8. Telomerase (a.k.a. telomere terminal transferase) is the enzyme capable to elongate telomeres in human bodies, protecting the DNA from the damage caused by aging.

9. Epitalon and the anti-aging properties. he structure of Epitalon is: Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly. Epitalon decreases the age related changes in the immune and the neuroendocrine systems, reducing the incidence of chronic diseases and infections.

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