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Grape Seed Oil

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The Most Popular Steroid Carrier Oil Grape Seed Oil / High Purity Oil



Détails de base:


Nom du produit: Grape Seed Oil
Synonymes: GSO
CAS: 85594-37-2
EINECS: 287-896-9
Apparence: Yellow Oil





Grape seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid and linoleic acid, of which the


content of linoleic acid up to 72%~76%. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid in human body,


easy to be absorbed by the human body, long-term consumption of grape seed oil can reduce


the human serum cholesterol, and effectively regulate the human plant nerve function.



Grape seed oil is rich in vitamin E, with strong antioxidant, can effectively extend the shelf life of


shelf, is not easy to cause the light, heat radiation and contact with air resulting from oxidative


rancidity phenomenon. Due to its relatively stable performance, in addition to cooking oil as a


direct edible and used in the production of a variety of food, grape seed oil is still one of the


important raw materials for the production of high grade cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.



Grape seed oil also contains essential potassium, sodium, calcium and other minerals and a


variety of fat soluble and water soluble vitamins. It is suitable for used in the production of the


elderly and infants and young child nutrition food, health food and high-altitude operations


personnel special food.



The grape seed oil is refined from the grape seed by means of cold press. It appears light yellow


or light green. The grape seed oil contains 88% unsaturated fat, in which, the linoleic acid takes


72%. En outre, the grape seed oil contains Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, which is a kind of


strong anti-oxidant. Also, the oil contains many kinds of fat-soluble vitamins and essential


minerals, such as K, Cu, Ca, Fe and etc.

1.Rich in linoleic acid and Oligo proanthocyanidin:
Linoleic acid is an essential amino-acid. It has good effects on anti-free oxygen radicals,anti-


aging.It helps to absorb VC,VE, alleviate harm resulting from sunburn.
Oligo proanthocyanidin has good effects on protecting collagen fiber and elastic fibers.
2.High penetrability: It can nourish skin ,especially allergic skin effective. It is rich in VF,minerals


and protein, so it has good effects on nourish skin.

1.Used as massage oil directly: aply some oil on skin and massage gently until absorbed


2.Used as carrier oil: According to your own condition,mix it with proper amout of essential oil


and it can be used as daily skin nourishment.
3. Added into other cosmetics



Steroid Oil Carrier Bottle For Grapeseed Oil ( GSO ) / High Purity Oil CAS 85594-37-2




Solvant & Huile de support




Grapeseed Oil (GSO)


Benzyl Alcohol (BA)


Benzyl Benzoate (BB)


Ethyl Oleate (EO)

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