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Autres produits en vente chaude (Poudre brute)

» Autres produits en vente chaude (Poudre brute)

98% Pharmaceutical Grade White Powder Synephrine For Weight Loss CAS 94-07-5

Autres produits en vente chaude (Poudre brute)
Numéro de modèle : 94-07-5
Attestation : BPF, SGS , ISO 9001:2008 , KASCHER
Lieu d'origine : Chine
MOQ : Négociation
Prix : Négociable ( Discounts For Big Order )
Modalités de paiement : Western union, MoneyGram, Virement, Bitcoin
Capacité d'approvisionnement : 100 KG/mois
Heure de livraison : Dans 7 Work Days
Détails de l'' emballage : Stealth And Discreet Packaging
Nom du produit : Synephrine
Synonymes : oxedrine
CAS : 94-07-5
Apparence : Poudre blanche
Usage : Weight Loss
Mode de livraison : SMU, HKEMS, FEDEX, DHL, UPS, Aramex, ETC
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98% Pharmaceutical Grade White Powder Synephrine For Weight Loss CAS 94-07-5


Zhongshan Latterson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., est une entreprise pharmaceutique complète, qui s'est spécialisé dans la technologie biopharmaceutique 7 années. L'entreprise est située dans la ville de Zhongshan, Province de Guangdong , Chine.
Notre usine couvre une superficie de 33500 mètres carrés, avec un environnement propre et une belle mise en page. Il existe plusieurs ateliers de grande ou moyenne taille et un centre d'assurance qualité et de recherche avec un équipement de pointe. Maintenant, nos principaux produits sont des séries de stéroïdes anabolisants, Série peptidique, Série d'anesthésie locale. Nos produits atteignent le niveau avancé du marché intérieur, dont beaucoup atteignent la norme internationale, les certificats contiennent: KASCHER , ISO 9001:2008 , BPF , SGS.

La description

Synephrine is the fruit of lime main active ingredient, which may be effective in preventing excess energy (heat accumulation), by the wind qi, warm the stomach stimulates the appetite and speeds up metabolism. Lime can theoretically accelerate fat metabolism and does not appear as bad as ephedra patients of cardiovascular side effects. Which is also a mild fragrance expectorant, a neurological tranquilizers and laxatives to treat constipation. Users can expect variable effects include consumption of excess calories, reduce appetite and increase satiety, these are likely to result in weight loss. A dog’s study also raised synephrine in particular is known as brown adipose tissue in the fat tissue can enhance the metabolic rate. Synephrine as a standard citrus aurantium extract has been recommended.

Function of synephrine hcl powder
1.Synephrine providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite
2.Synephrine increasing metabolic rate and caloric expenditure
3.Synephrine causes the breakdown of fat without affecting blood pressure or heart rate
4.Synephrine treat chest congestion and indigestion
5.Synephrine stimulate gastrointestinal functions, and improve circulatory and
Liver functions.

Application of synephrine hcl powder
1.Synephrine are Applied in medicine
2.Synephrine Applied in diet supplements
3.Synephrine Applied in weight loss formulas


Citrus Aurantium is also known as bitter orange and Zhi Shi in China, it has been used for its medicinal benefits.
The most notable benefits of Citrus Aurantium extract are its ability to increase resting metabolic rate, which results in weight loss.It is found to exhibit a powerful thermogenic effect, and does not produce the undesirable side effects on blood pressure and heart rate that ephedrine does.Also it is a mild fragrant expectorant, a nerve sedative and laxative for the treatment of constipation.

Today Citrus Aurantium is becoming very popular as an ingredient in weight loss products.It helps the digestive system to function properly, and has a fat burning effect on the body.Even when the body is at rest, Citrus Aurantium helps to increase metabolism which results in weight loss.It is safe and natural, you can use it to lose weight or increase metabolism.

What ingredients of Citrus Aurantium work?Synephrine is one of the main active ingredients, it can prevent energy surplus effectively, warm the stomach, promote appetite and accelerate metabolism.
The major bioflavonoids found in citrus fruits are diosmin, hesperidin, rutin, naringin, tangeretin, diosmetin, narirutin, neohesperidin, nobiletin, and quercetin.Citrus bioflavonoids and related substances are widely used in Europe to treat diseases of the blood vessels and lymph system, including hemorrhoids, chronic venous insufficiency, leg ulcers, easy bruising, nosebleeds, and lymphedema following breast cancer surgery.These compounds are thought to work by strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

We have series products of Citrus Aurantium extract, such as Synephrine, Citrus Bioflavonoid, Polymethoxylated Flavones(Stronger antitumor activity than general bioflavonoids), Neohesperidin, Hesperidin, Naringin, ratio extract, diosmin, etc.If you are interested, tell me what’s your target purpose, then I recommend you relevant specification.


Synephrine is lime fruits of the main active ingredient, which can effectively prevent excess energy (heat accumulation), by the wind qi, warm the stomach stimulates the appetite and speeds up metabolism. It is also a mild fragrance expectorant agent, a neurological tranquilizers and laxative treatment of constipation. Users can expect variable effects include consumption of excess calories, reduce appetite and increase satiety, these are likely to lead to weight loss.

Our service

1.100% reshipment policy is our business basic.100% reshipment immediately if your parcel stays Customs for 4 days and doesn’t get updated.
2.Total refund for 15 days of dissatisfaction with quality.
3.We can provide free samples.
4.We have a special packing ,It can be easily passed through the customs.It will be more safe.
5.Our company have a long term cooperate with DHL.EMS.Fedex and so on .It can be sent to your hand more quickly. Parcel photo should be offered within 12hours after receiving your steroid payment.
6.If you have a chance to come to China. I can show you our lab.
7.Our company has WU, MG, TT, and Bitcoin payment ways in advance.You can pay 95% for the peptides cost at first for order, the rest can offer us in your next order;

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