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White Peptide Powder Follistatin 344 For Body Enhance

Número de modelo: Folistatina 344
Certificación: USP, PA, EP
Lugar de origen: porcelana
Cantidad mínima de pedido: 1 vial
Precio: negociado
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Especificación: 1mg / vial
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White Peptide Powder Follistatin 344 For Body Enhance

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nombre del producto Folistatina 344
Sinónimo FST, FS, Activin-binding protein
Pureza 99.0%
Apariencia Sterile Filtered White Lyophilized (Freeze-Dried)
Estándar USP Standard
Calificación Pharma Grade
Uso Desarrollo muscular
Solubilidad It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized Follistatin in sterile 18MΩ-cm H2O not less than 100μg / Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions.
Especificación 1mg/Vial
Estabilidad Lyophilized Follistatin although stable at room temperature for 3 semanas
MOQ 1mgVial


Folistatina 344 / FST was initially identified as a follicle-stimulating hormone inhibiting substance found in ovarian follicular fluid. FST is a high-affinity activin binding protein that can act as an activin antagonist. Two alternatively spliced follistatin mRNAs exist, encoding mature FS with 288 amino acid residues (FS-288) Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides 315 aa residues (FS-315). Natural FS purified from porcine ovaries is primarily a carboxy-terminal truncated form of FS-315 composed of 300 aa residues.

Folistatina 344 / FST quickly gained popularity in the bodybuilding community as a potential supplement to rapidly increase lean tissue mass. Another protein, follistatin-related gene acts on similar pathways as FST regarding its muscle building properties. Increased lean tissue mass could give a bodybuilder an advantage in a competitive setting.

FST is a single chain gonadal protein that specifically inhibits follicle stimulating hormone release. The single FST gene encodes two isoforms Follistatin 317 and Follistatin 344 que contiene 317 Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides 344 amino acids respectively, resulting from alternative splicing of the precursor mRNA. There is evidence linking polycystic ovary syndrome and follistatin. Follistatin binds directly to activin and functions as an activin antagonist. It specific inhibitor of the biosynthesis and secretion of pituitary follicle stimulating hormone. Subunit : Monomer Subcellular Location : Secreted. Tissue Specificity : Isoform 1 is the predominant isoform in serum but is undetectable in follicular fluid.

How does it work?

It’s also worth pointing out that myostatin may have a regulatory role in skeletal muscle fibrosis; too much myostatin can impair tissue function and cause chronic disease in vital organs, tissues, and bone marrow.

In additional to suppressing the degenerative properties of myostatin, follistatin also suppresses the pituitary gland synthesis and secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). High FSH levels in men may indicate that testicles are not functioning correctly; this condition limits muscle growth, recovery, and normal hormonal function.

Sin embargo, FSH levels that are too low can also negatively impact health and reproductive capabilities. Whereas some myostatin inhibitors like Trichostatin A (TSA) require daily administration, increased levels of FS344 were observed up to 15 months after initial injection. The lack of need for daily administration makes follistatin an attractive alternative for suppressing myostatin.

The recent increase in attention in the science community on follistatin and other myostatin inhibitors is primarily due to the desire to find an alternative means to treat muscle disorders; the most popular current option is androgen steroids which pose a number of side-effects and long-term health risks. At this point you might be wondering why follistatin use isn’t more widespread in bodybuilders and other athletes. In the next section we will examine the current research on follistatin and whether it builds muscle mass.

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