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Esteroides inyectables líquido

» Esteroides inyectables líquido

Esteroides anabólicos inyectables Sustanon 400 / Testosterona Sustanon 400 mg/ml para masa muscular

Esteroides inyectables líquido, Serie de testosterona
Certificación: ISO 9001, SGS
Número de modelo: CASO: Blend Sustanon
Cantidad mínima de pedido: 100 Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides
El tiempo de entrega: Dentro de 24 horas
Términos de pago: T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Esteroides anabólicos inyectables Sustanon 400 / Testosterona Sustanon 400 mg/ml para masa muscular

What is Sustanon ?

The Sustanon steroid is a blend of four long-estered forms of testosterone: testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone isocaproate, testosterone propionate, and testosterone decanoate. Because of the long half-life of approximately three weeks, it is ideal for bulking and increasing strength without daily dosing. It is anabolic and androgenic in nature, so it produces fantastic Sustanon results along with only a few side effects.

Sustanon de testosterona 300/250/200/400 Aplicaciones

250mg per Week
At a usage level of 250 mg/week, Sustanon provides basically only a high level of testosterons replacement therapy. Individuals with low testosterons may see a marked improvement, but many with mid-normal or high natural testosterons will see little added effect at this dosage level. Yet, Sustanon is suppressive of the hypothalamus and pituitary at this dosage and will largely shut down natural testosterons production while being used. So, this dosage has relatively little of the benefits of most steroid cycles, but shares the adverse side effect of suppressed testosterons production.

500mg per Week
500 mg/week is a minimal dosage level for most to see good results. At this dosage, gains are typically good for a first cycle and often no ancillary drug is required to control estrogen. But in many instances, estrogen control is already desirable.

750mg per Week
The next step up of 750 mg/week provides a noticeable further increase in gains, and if estrogen is controlled, side effects are generally not much different than at 500 mg/week.

1,000mg per Week
A dose of 1,000 mg/week is generally sufficient for intermediate to even many advanced users. In some cases, even more than this is used. Sin embargo, this generally is not necessary unless results have reached a plateau already at the 1 g/week level.

Hypopituitarism, after castration and endocrine impotence infertility in men that was caused by illnesses linked with spermatogenesis. This product may be prescribed in other certain situations too.

Sustanon 300 is also used for supportive therapy of female-to-male transsexuals.

Sustanon de testosterona 300/250/200/400 Recipes

1)Sustanon 250ml @ 400mg/ml
Grapeseed oil: 168Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides
Alcohol de bencilo: 15Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides

2)Sustanon 500ml @ 250mg/ml
2% BA 10ml
20% BB 100ml

3)200 mg/ml @ 250ml
50gramos de polvo (37.5Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides)
5ml BA (2%)
50mL BB (20%)
157.5ml de aceite de semilla de uva

Other Hot Selling Oil

Nombre Especificación
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Niños 250 250mg / ml
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propionato 200 (Propionato de testosterona) 200mg / ml
acetato de testosterona 80mg / ml
Sustanon 200 testosterone propionate 24 mg / ml
testosterone phenylpropionate 48 mg / ml
testosterone isocaproate 48 mg / ml
decanoato de testosterona 80 mg / ml
Sustanon 250 250mg / ml
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Sustanon 400 400mg / ml
Undecanoate 500 (Undecanoato de testosterona) 500mg / ml
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Trenaject 100 (Enantato de trembolona) 100mg / ml
Trenaject 150 (Enantato de trembolona) 150mg / ml
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para culturismo 50 (Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) 50mg / ml
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