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Esteroides inyectables líquido

» Esteroides inyectables líquido

Superdrol Methasterone 50mg/ml Oil Based Steroids

Esteroides inyectables líquido
Certificación: PA,USP,ISO9001,SGS
Número de modelo: CASO:434-07-1
Cantidad mínima de pedido: 100ml for semifinished,10ml for finished
El tiempo de entrega: 3-7working Days
Lugar de origen: Guangzhou ,porcelana
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Superdrol Methasterone 50mg/ml Oil Based Steroids

Methasterona(Superdrol) As:


Nombre Methasterona
Methasterone Other name Superdrol, methasteron, and methyldrostanolone,17a-metil-drostanolona
Methasterone CAS 3381-88-2
Methasterone Concerntion 50mg / ml
Methasterone Character Yellowish oily liquid
Methasterone Dosage 10~20mg/day
Methasterone Customs clearance Don’t have to worry about cystoms pass rate,our customs clearance is 100%
Methasterone Product packing Discreet package .The packing suits you best would be choosen to cross customs safely. Or if you have your own ideal way,
it could be also take into consideration .
Methasterone After-sales service cálido servicio postventa para usted 24/7. Any of your question would be solved for the first as soon as possible.
Methasterone Security shipping Security Shipping:Shipping by express (FedEx,UPS,DHL,EMS), by air.The most professional forwarder would be recommanded for you.
Methasterone Delivery time We have stock, so we can delivery quickly at the very day when receive the payment.
Methasterone Condition payment Western Union, Pago de Pequeña Cantidad,Bitcoin,Transferencia bancaria
Methasterone Minimum order quantity 50 Estanozolol semielaborado de la serie líquida de esteroides
Methasterone Supply ability 500-600L/month
Methasterone Quality standard USP32
Methasterone Usage: Anabolic steroid. Androgen. Sustancia controlada.


Superdrol is an extremely effective anabolic product that was available over the counter until 2012. It’s the brand name of a compound called methasterone, developed in the late 1950s as a tumor-fighting drug, and its highly anabolic and androgenic properties were discovered shortly after. Superdrol is derived from dihydrotestosterone, and it is actually a synthesized form of the anabolic hormone Drostanolone, with a slight modification to make it digestible when taken orally. It has mainly strong anabolic properties with weak androgenic properties, similar to methyl-testosterone in bioavailability and 400 percent as effective at building muscle and only 20 percent as androgenic. It has a Q ratio of 20, one of the highest of any anabolic steroid. The Q ratio is also known as the anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of a steroid or pro-hormone.

While many bodybuilders refer to Superdrol as a pro-hormone, it is in fact a steroid with extremely fast-acting effects.
It has been marketed under the name Methyldrostanolone due to its close similarity to the hormone Drostanolone.
Superdrol and Drostanolone were all created around the same time in the 1950s during research into anti-tumor drugs.
Unlike Drostanolone, this supplement is not injectable, and it contains an additional methyl group on the molecule’s seventeenth carbon atom, allowing it to be taken orally.



1). All steroid powders, oil and solvents used to make steroid injections are USP/BP standard .
2). We offer semi-finished steroid injections. You just need to buy some syringe filters
To filter it before injection. Heating semi-finished steroid injections to 20º C will make
Filtering smoother.
Notice : Por supuesto , if you want this oil more than your personal use , we could offer more stuff for your lab producing .
Como , filter machine , which could filter around 500ml in an hour

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