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Otros productos de venta caliente (Polvo crudo)

» Otros productos de venta caliente (Polvo crudo)

  • Anti Aging Testosterone Powder , Muscle Growth Testosterone Decanoate Half Life

    Otros productos de venta caliente (Polvo crudo)
    Número de modelo : 5721-91-5
    Certificación : GMP,EP,PA,JP
    Lugar de origen : China Legit Source
    MOQ : 100gramo ( It can be lowered to 10g for sample order)
    Precio : negociable
    Términos de pago : Western Union, MoneyGram, T / T
    Capacidad de suministro : 1000kg/semana
    El tiempo de entrega : Send out within 48hrs ,5 -8 work days for delivery
    detalles del empaque : Discreet packing as your required
    Nombre del producto : test deca powder
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    Category : Testosterone powder
    Hexadrone es un poderoso anabólico : muscle growth powders
    Pureza : 98% up
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    Anti Aging Testosterone Powder , Muscle Growth Testosterone Decanoate Half Life

    Zhongshan Latterson Biotechnology Co., Limitado. es una gran empresa química de alta tecnología especializada en productos químicos finos, Materia prima farmacéutica e intermedios.La fábrica de la empresa ha pasado la certificación del sistema de calidad ISO9001 y la certificación internacional KOSHER.Como líder en polvo crudo de esteroides., líquidos inyectables y orales, productos terminados y péptidos durante años, HongKong Blue Universal Co., Limited. Is aim to occupy major market share of USA, Canadá, Reino Unido, Brasil, Netherlands, Ireland, Nueva Zelanda, Austria, Australia, German and worldwide. Quality is our life! All products produced in Aseptic Laboratory according to GMP standard. Approved the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004. Besides, we have a complete Q. A. & Q. C. System. We own authorized sets of analyzing instruments, such as HPLC, GC and UV spectrophotometer to analyze and control the products.
    Top, stable and reliable quality is guranteed! With so many years’customize discreet packing experience, we know clearly how to pack your parcel and which express should be recommanded according to what you ordered and where you located. Different package and different forwarders will be changing requently, No risk is allowed in any step, you are promised to receive all parcels 100%! es más, since we are based in Hongkong, a Free Trade Zone, we got great advantage in short delivery time and secure money transfer. Warmly welcome all kinds of cooperation all over the world. We are ready to offer the best quality and services to all of you!

    Testosterone Decanoate Description and Indication
    Testosterone Decanoate combination of Testosterone and ester Decanoate is androgenic steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect.

    Commonly used to put on mass and size while increasing strength. This hormone is an extremely effective bulking agent, and in fact is one of the best muscle-builders known. Testosterone replacement therapy in males for conditions associated with primary and secondary hypogonadism

    Testosterone Decanoate Mechanism of action
    Testosterone Decanoate will cause an increase in IGF-1 levels, Red Blood Cell count. Testosterone Decanoate is subject to aromatization as well as 5alpha-reduction, which are the pathways through which testosterone is converted to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone respectively.

    Testosterone Decanoate Contraindications
    Should not be used in the any of the following conditions:

    Suspected Pregnancy
    History or presence of prostate or breast cancer
    Hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients

    Testosterone Decanoate Adverse Drug Effects
    Hepatoxic which puts stress on the liver
    Gastrointestinal pain
    High blood pressure

    Testosterone-Decanoate is one of the most popular testosterones on the market due to it being an imperative part of the Sustanon-250 mixture. Sin embargo, pure Testosterone-Decanoate is rarely found alone as a single ester based testosterone except under the Neotest 250 name. Until Neotest 250 hit the market, unless you bought your own Decanoate powder and made your own Testosterone-Decanoate you wouldn’t be able to find any.

    While it has not been available as a single ester testosterone for very long Neotest 250 has gained some popularity among many performance enhancers in recent years largely due to the long half-life it carries, thereby requiring injections to be somewhat infrequent. Neotest 250 carries with it a half-life of approximately 15 days due to the decanoate ester that is attached. You may be somewhat familiar with the decanoate ester as this is part of one of the most popular steroids of all time, Nandrolone Decanoate known commonly as Deca-Durabolin or simply “Deca.” If you understand anything about esters then you understand they are what determine the half-life of a particular steroid and 15 days is by no means a short ester; in-fact, Neotest 250 with its Decanoate ester is one of the longest ester based steroids on the market. The only testosterone compound with a longer half-life than Neotest 250 would be Testosterone- Undecanoate with a half-life of approximately 16.5 dias.

    As is with all testosterone based steroids, Neotest 250 as a powerful androgen can rapidly increase lean tissue on the body and aid in building a physique of pure muscle mass. As apt towards growth as it is, due to its ability to block the muscle wasting hormone cortisol, Neotest 250 can be a good addition to any cutting cycle as well in an effort to lose fat and preserve muscle tissue. Sin embargo, it should be noted, as all testosterone supplementation can lead to excess water retention Neotest 250 can have a higher probability but this will largely be dependent on your food intake and aromatase inhibitor use. Sí, you can get ripped to shreds using Neotest 250 if you approach it reasonably and responsibly.

    While a quality testosterone Neotest 250 still lacks heavy popularity in the performance world and is rarely used in medical practice. Why is a bit of a mystery as it is a quality testosterone, very stable, very potent and generally well-tolerated.

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