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99.2% Pure Pharmaceutical Intermediates Centrophenoxine Nootropics

Drogas inteligentes
Certificación: YO ASI 9001
Número de modelo: 2922199090
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99.2% Pure Pharmaceutical Intermediates Centrophenoxine Nootropics


Product Information

nombre del producto Centrophenoxine
As Aniracetam,Oxiracetam,Phenylpiracetam,Piracetam
CASO 3685-84-5
MF C12H17Cl2NO3
MW 294.17
Pureza 99%
Calificación As
Apariencia Polvo blanco


What is Centrophenoxine ?

Centrophenoxine is definitely an anti-ageing drug, popular to increase brain energy. Many experts have discovered to be extremely effective inside the management of brain damage as a result of old age, stroke or toxic chemicals.

Centrophenoxine can be used to improve the body’s defense against molecular damage caused by ageing. It’s particularly valuable in the treatment of senile dementia, where regular use can prevent further mental deterioration.

Sometimes called an ‘ageing reversal drug’, Centrophenoxine continues to be tested to boost memory and boost the speed from which new information is stored and used. It really is good at fighting both cerebral ageing and age-related diseases.


Centrophenoxine Benefits

1.Better Memory
Centrophenoxine is best known for its considerable abilities as a memory booster. Its primary action is providing additional choline and enabling the production of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that is most closely tied to cognitive function in general and memory in particular.


2.Enhanced Fluid Intelligence
Centrophenoxine can enhance fluid intelligence, or the ability to solve problems without relying on acquired knowledge.


3.Improved Overall Brain Function
Centrophenoxine is considered a neuro energizer because it stimulates glucose uptake, oxygen consumption, and carbon dioxide production. The additional oxygen and glucose add to its nootropic effects, making learning easier, thought clearer, and all of the brain’s functions more efficient


4.Increased Energy
Many users find that centrophenoxine has a mild stimulant effect. While it energizes without creating the jittery feelings that amphetamines or other stimulants cause, its energy boost is enough to disrupt regular sleep patterns if taken late in the day.

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