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White Solid Fasoracetam Powder Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Intelligente Drogen
Zertifizierung: GMP,SGS
Modell-Nr: Noop6
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White Solid Fasoracetam Powder Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Piracetam Specification:


Produktname Fasoracetam
Fasoracetam CAS 110958-19-5
Fasoracetam Molecular Formula C24h32o6
Fasoracetam Molecular weight 416.51
Aussehen Weißer Feststoff
Assay 99%
White Powder Muscle Building Steroide Epiandrosteron White Powder Muscle Building Steroide Epiandrosteron
Lieferzeit 12h nach Ihrer Zahlung
Verpackung Diskrete Verpackung für Liefergarantie!
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Zahlung Western Union, Geld-Gramm, T/T,Bitcoin


What is Fasoracetam 110958-19-5 ?


Fasoracetam is known by its scientific name (5R)-5-(-1-carbonyl) pyrrolidin-2-one ,NS-105, LAM-105 or (+)-5-Oxo-D-prolinepiperidinamide monohydrate.alongside other racetams has been identified as more potent nootropic agents compared to the original nootropic piracetam. These derivatives are powerful influencing human and animal cognition in different ways .

Fasoracetam is a powerful new nootropic that falls within the subclass of nootropics known as racetams.

If you are familiar with nootropics, then you likely know that all racetams are derivatives of piracetam, the original nootropic.

Fasoracetam is a good example of a piracetam derivative that is stronger than piracetam.


Like many of the nootropics, this member of the racetam family has been studied in controlled settings and there does appear to be a distinct benefit to patients of diseases and conditions that affect the brain and memory. Fasoracetam has proven to show benefit for people suffering from conditions like schizophrenia (Froestl, Muhs and Pfeifer 793). jedoch, there are other studies that show that the greatest benefit of Fasoracetam can be seen in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, helping to reduce the expected loss of mental acuity and memory. Presently, there are more studies being done to determine if Fasoracetam may be a beneficial treatment for some of the young patients who are affected by the varying degree from Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or as they are more commonly known, ADD and ADHD.

Dosage and Usage

In fairness, the research has shown that fasoracetam seems to be safe for human consumption with no worrisome side effects. Experts offer this safeness has been seen in patients a daily dose of 100 mg appears to be effective; jedoch, others suggest a smaller dose is more advisable and still shows a positive increase in mental and brain function that is most desired.

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