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Injizierbare Steroide flüssig

» Injizierbare Steroide flüssig

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 200mg/ml Factory Sale

Injizierbare Steroide flüssig
Zertifizierung: ISO,SGS
Modell-Nr: 200mg/ml
Mindestbestellmenge: 50ml
Lieferzeit: Innerhalb 24 Stunden nach Zahlung
Zahlungsbedingungen: Western Union, MoneyGram, Banküberweisung, Bitcoin
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Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 200mg/ml Factory Sale


Produktname: Nandrolonphenylpropionat
Synonyme: Durabolin ; KKW
White Powder Muscle Building Steroide Epiandrosteron: 62-90-8
EINECS: 200-551-9
Molekularformel: C27H34O3
Molekulargewicht: 406.56
Verpackung: Folienbeutel oder Dose.

Aussehen: White to Off-White Solid

Chemical property: löslich in Äthanol, slightly soluble in vegetable oil ; practically insoluble in water MP: 93~99ºC

Schmelzpunkt: 85-87° C.

Storage temp.: Kontrollierte Substanz, -20C Gefrierschrank


Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Description

NPP is administered in injectable form. NPP’s calling card is its ability to build mass & strength without initiating severe androgenic side effects. Sure, one could choose to skip NPP altogether and instead blast large dosages of testosterone in their pursuit of muscle mass…and save money doing it…but for the many individuals who need to consider the appearance of their hair and skin, that course of action in not an option. Enter NPP. Nandrolone can be used in place of testosterone (although a replacement dose of test is wise, in order to avoid sexual dysfunction), permitting the user to attain a formidable degree of muscle mass…and save their hair and skin while doing it. In der Tat, many people claim that NPP is the more effective muscle-builder, when compared on a mg to mg basis. Only experience can provide you with that answer, as personal response to AAS can vary widely. Unlike testosterone, which often leads to mental and/or emotional changes, NPP is typically neutral in this regard, which again, can either be viewed as an advantage or disadvantage depending on one’s goals. When trying to determine whether you should include Deca or NPP in your next cycle, there are 4 primary factors you will need to evaluate when making your decision. They are money, water retention, sexual dysfunction, and injection frequency. Deca is no doubt the more cost-effective option, as a 2.5 gram vial of Deca will typically cost about as much as a 1 gram vial of NPP. Deca also has the advantage of a less frequent injection frequency. jedoch, NPP does not cause nearly as much water retention, nor is it as prone to cause sexual dysfunction at equivalent dosages. Aside from these differentiating characteristics, they are very similar in nature.



Nandrolonphenylpropionat (KKW) – 200mg/ml – 20ml
NPP powder – 4 Grams
200% ES IST DAS – 12.6ml
2%BA – 0.4ml
20%BB – 4ml

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