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Injizierbare Steroide flüssig

» Injizierbare Steroide flüssig

Injizierbare anabole Steroide des hohen Reinheitsgrades ölen gelbes flüssiges Nandrolone Cypionate 200mg/ml für enormen Muskel

Injizierbare Steroide flüssig, Nandrolone-Serie

Nandrolon Cypionat - 200mg/ml - 20ml
NPP powder - 4 Grams
2%BA - 0.4ml
20%BB - 4ml
ES IST DAS - 12.6ml

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Injizierbare anabole Steroide des hohen Reinheitsgrades ölen gelbes flüssiges Nandrolone Cypionate 200mg/ml für enormen Muskel


Nandrolon Cypionat – 200mg/ml – 20ml
NPP powder – 4 Grams
2%BA – 0.4ml
20%BB – 4ml
ES IST DAS – 12.6ml


Nandrolone cypionate is recommended as an aid for the treatment of debilitated horses when an improvement in weight, hair coat or general physical condition is desired. Debilitation often follows disease or may occur following overwork and overexertion.

improves the general state of debilitated horses, thus aiding in correcting weight losses and improving appetite. It is not a substitute for a well-balanced diet. Optimal results can be expected only when good management and feeding practices are utilized.

should be considered only as adjunctive therapy to other specific and supportive therapy for diseases, surgical cases and traumatic injuries.

200 USP injection provides nandrolone cypionate, an anabolic steroid that when compared to testosterone has enhanced anabolic and reduced androgenic activity .In animal trials nandrolone has been shown to positively influence calcium metabolism and to increase bone mass in osteoporosis. The esterification of the 17 – Beta – hydroxyl group increases the duration of the action of nandrolone. Nandrolone esters in oil injected intramuscularly are absorbed slowly from the lipid phase, thus Nandrolone 200 can be administered at intervals of 2-3 Wochen

200 contains nandrolone cypionate in a 10ml solution for injection (200mg nandrolone cypionate / ml).

Injectable Liquid

Name Spezifikation
Dianabol 50 50mg/ml
Dianabol 80 80mg/ml
Anadrol 50 50mg/ml
Anavar 50 50mg/ml
Kinder 200 200mg/ml
Kinder 250 250mg/ml
KKW 200 200mg/ml
200 (Nandrolon Cypionat) 200mg/ml
200 (Boldenon Cypionat) 200mg/ml
300 (Boldenon undecylenat) 300mg/ml
Zypjekt 250 (Testosteron Cypionat) 250mg/ml
Enanject 250 (Testosteron Enanthate) 250mg/ml
Enanject 600 (Testosteron Enanthate) 600mg/ml
Propionat 100 (Testosteronpropionat) 100mg/ml
Propionat 200 (Testosteronpropionat) 200mg/ml
Sustanon 200 testosterone propionate 24 mg/ml
testosterone phenylpropionate 48 mg/ml
testosterone isocaproate 48 mg/ml
Testosteron Decanoat 80 mg/ml
Sustanon 250 250mg/ml
Sustanon 300 300mg/ml
Sustanon 400 400mg/ml
Undecanoate 500 (Testosteron Undecanoat) 500mg/ml
Trenabol 100 100mg/ml
Trenabolisch 80 (Trenbolonacetat) 80mg/ml
Trenabolisch 100 (Trenbolonacetat) 100mg/ml
Trenabolisch 200 (Trenbolonacetat) 200mg/ml
Trenaject 60 (Trenbolon Enanthate) 60mg/ml
Trenaject 100 (Trenbolon Enanthate) 100mg/ml
Trenaject 150 (Trenbolon Enanthate) 150mg/ml
Trenaject 200 (Trenbolon Enanthate) 200mg/ml
Parabolon 50 (Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) 50mg/ml
Masteron 100 (Drostanolonpropionat) 100mg/ml
Masteron 200 (Drostanolon Enanthate) 200mg/ml
Primoject 100 (Methenolon Enanthate) 100mg/ml
TMT-Mischung 375 Trenbolone Enanthate 125mg/ml
Drostanolone Enanthate 125mg/ml
Testosterone Enanthate 125mg/ml
TM-Mischung 500 Trenbolone Enanthate 250mg/ml
Drostanolone Enanthate 250mg/ml

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