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  • Halotestin

    Anabolika, Orale Steroide, PCT-Serie, Rohes Steroidpulver
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    Produktname Fluoxymester one
    Anderer Name Halotestin
    CAS-Registernummer 76-43-7
    EINECS 200-961-8
    Molekularformel C20H29FO3
    Molekulargewicht 336.44
    Schmelzpunkt 240 ° C.
    Assay 97.0~103,0%
    Verwendung Treating a deficiency of the male hormone when the body does not make enough. used to stimulate puberty in males with delayed puberty. Treating advanced breast cancer in women who are 1 zu 5 years past menopause.

    What is Halotestin?

    Fluoxymester one (Halotestin) works by attaching itself to androgen receptors; this causes it to interact with the parts of the cell involved in the making of proteins. It may cause an increase in the synthesis of some proteins or a decrease in the synthesis of others. These proteins have a variety of effects, including blocking the growth of some types of breast cancer cells, stimulating cells that cause male sexual characteristics, and stimulating the production of red blood cells.

    Since the effects of castration in premenopausal women are far superior to those of androgenic therapy, the male hormones have been employed primarily for women of postmenopausal age.

    Halotestin is used only occasionally because other hormonal therapy medicines such as and the aromatase inhibitors are generally more effective. Male breast cancer accounts for about 1% of all breast cancers.

    Androgenic hormones have been effectively employed in the therapy of advanced breast cancer. Objective improvement occurs in approximately 25 per cent of patients with osseous metastases, with a lower rate of response in patients with soft-tissue lesions.

    Halotestin Verwendung:

    This medication is used in men who do not make enough of a natural substance called testosterone. Testosteronpropionat im mittleren Körper, testosterone is responsible for many normal functions, including growth and development of the genitals, muscles, and bones. It also helps cause normal sexual development (puberty) in boys.

    Fluoxymesterone is similar to the natural testosterone produced by your body. It belongs to a class of drugs known as androgens. It works by affecting many body systems so that the body can develop and function normally.

    Use Effect:

    Halotestin Dosages:

    It does not take a lot of Halotestin to see any benefit; a mere 10mg every day will greatly increase strength in any individual and a mere 20mg per day will greatly provide the hardness a competitive bodybuilder will be after. Even so, while 10mg will work normally most will administer 20mg to 40mg per day max with 40mg per day being the most common. Those who go above this amount will find there will not be much improvement beyond that dose; the only thing that will greatly change is liver enzymes will go up even more.

    There is generally no applicable purpose for Halotestin outside of competition; a power lifter or bodybuilder will rarely use this steroid during his off-season as it would be unnecessary. The rule of thumb will always prove to be 2-4 weeks of use and the optimal time is prior to completion including competition day. Most will find their Halotestin works best when taken in two separate doses per day as the steroid has a short half-life of approximately 9.5 Std.

    Halotestin Echtheitszertifikat:

    Beschreibung White or Almost White Crystalline Powder Weißes Puder
    Identifizierung A.B. Positiv
    Assay 97.0~102.0% 99.0%
    Spezifische Drehung +104°~+112° +107.8°
    Trocknungsverlust 1.0%max 0.36%
    Chromatographic Purity single impurity:1.0%max <1.0%
    total impurities:2.0%max <2.0%
    Organische flüchtige Verunreinigungen meets the requirement. Entspricht
    Restlösemittel meets the requirement. Entspricht
    Fazit The specification conform with USP30 standard

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