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  • Cholinchlorid für 67-48-1 für gesundes Essen, nahrhaftes Essen

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    FALL 67-48-1 Choline Chloride Powder Food Raw Materials C5H14ClNO 99% Assay

    What is Choline Chloride ?

    Choline chloride is the hydrochloride of Choline, is one kind of nutrition extender and fat-removing agent. It is widely used in the food , drug and health care products as vitamin drug. Its pure product is colorless or white crystal granule. Choline chloride is highly welcomed by our customers for high purity ( Assay 98% and low price.

    Cholinchlorid 98% mainly used in pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical intermediates, the promotion of human growth and improve the body resistance to disease plays an extremely important role. It is to ensure that the basic ingredients of the nervous system to work properly, affecting the metabolism of the body carotene and vitamin A.

    Choline chloride Information

    Produkt Cholinchlorid
    Chemical Choline chlorohydrate,Choline hydrochloride
    Kas 67-48-1
    MF C5H14ClNO
    MW 139.62
    Aussehen White crystal powder
    Assay 99%
    Paket 1Kg/Foil Bag or 25Kg/Drum or As per your request
    Lagerung Store in cool and dry places , keep away from strong light
    Haltbarkeit 2 Jahren bei sachgemäßer Lagerung


    1) Geriatric / parenteral nutrition and special feeding needs .

    2) Multivitamin complexes, and energy and sport drinks ingredient.

    3) Infant formulas and formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants, follow-up formulas, processed cereal-based foods for infants and young children, canned baby foods and special pregnant milks.


    *Only selected data is represented here, for a full set of specifications we refer to our Specifications sheet.

    Artikel Spezifikation Ergebnis Test Method
    Aussehen White crystal powder Testgegenstände FCC
    Assay(d.s.) 98.0-100.5% 99.02% FCC
    Trocknungsverlust NMT 0.5% 0.27% FCC
    pH(10% aqua) 4.0-7.0 5.82 USP<791>
    Glührückstand NMT 0.05% 0.01% FCC
    Schwermetalle NMT 10 ppm Testgegenstände USP<231>
    Arsenic NMT 2 ppm Testgegenstände USP<730>
    Lead NMT 2 ppm Testgegenstände FCC
    Cadmium NMT 0.2 ppm Testgegenstände USP<730>
    Mercury NMT 0.1 ppm Testgegenstände USP<730>
    1,4 Dioxane NMT 10 ppm Testgegenstände FCC
    Total Plate Count NMT 1000 CFU/g Testgegenstände USP<61>
    Yeast and Mold NMT 100 CFU/g Testgegenstände USP<61>
    E.coli Negative/10g Testgegenstände USP<62>
    Salmonella Negative/25g Testgegenstände USP<62>
    Staphylococcus Negative/10g Testgegenstände USP<62>
    Partikelgröße NLT 95% Thru20 mesh 100% USP<786>

    Safety and Regulatory

    The product meets the specifications laid down by the FAO/WHO, the EU regulation on food additives, USP and the US Food Chemical Codex.

    Choline Bitartrate is from chemically synthesized,and it is lactose free and gluten free,Non-GMO,Non-ETO;it does not contain any animal derived ingredients,it is BSE/TSE free.

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