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Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)

» Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)

  • Bodybuilding Supplement Sex Steroid Hormone for Weight Loss and Anti Aging 171596-29-5

    Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)
    Zertifizierung : ISO9001
    Modell-Nr : 171596-29-5
    MOQ : 10g
    Preis : Verhandelbar
    Verpackungsinformationen : Special disguised packaging
    Lieferzeit : Innerhalb 3-5 Tage
    Zahlungsbedingungen : Western Union,Geldgramm,T/T
    Lieferfähigkeit : Plenty in Stock
    • Spezifikationen

    Bodybuilding Supplement Sex Steroid Hormone for Weight Loss and Anti Aging 171596-29-5

    Schnelle Details:

    Produktname Tadalafil
    Anderer Name cialis; chinacialis
    CAS-Registernummer 171596-29-5
    Molekularformel C22H19N3O4
    Molekulargewicht 389.341
    Pregnenolon-Rohpulver CAS
    Assay 99%
    Aussehen weißes Puder
    Paket 1kg/Alufolienbeutel oder nach Bedarf
    Verwendung kann als pharmazeutisches Material verwendet werden

    Product description:

    1. Like its predecessor Viagra, Cialis is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

    2. One of the more embarrassing side effects of post-cycle-therapy is the decreased libido caused by the sudden absence of exaggerated testosterone levels in the body, often leading to ED. If you cann’t get itup after your cycle, get the pill.

    3. Tadalafil is the raw material of cialis.

    4. Cialis is a kind of male sex enhancer drug.

    5. Cialis is much longer lasting than Viagra. Effects can be felt anywhere between 36-48 Std.

    6. Cialis works by aiding relaxation of blood vessels and increasing blood flow in the penis during sexual arousal, resulting in improved erectile function


    Although sildenafil (Viagra), Vardenafil (Levitra), and tadalafil (Cialis) all work by inhibiting PDE5, tadalafil’s pharmacologic distinction is its longer half-life (17.50 Std) – compared to sildenafil (4.0–5.0 hours) and vardenafil (4.0–5.0 hours) – resulting in longer duration of action, and so partly responsible forThe Weekend Pillsobriquet. Außerdem, the longer half-life is the basis for current investigation of tadalafil’s daily therapeutic use in relieving pulmonary arterial hypertension. Sildenafil is approved in several world regions as a thrice-daily therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension.




    Testgegenstände Spezifikation Testgegenstände
    Aussehen weißes Puder Entspricht
    Test method High pressure liquid chromatography(Testgegenstände) Entspricht
    Schmelzpunkt 300℃~303℃ 301.5℃-302.6℃
    Trocknungsverlust ≤0,5 % 0.24%
    Schwermetalle(Pb) ≤20ppm 7.5ppm
    Glührückstand ≤0,1 % 0.08%
    Relative substance ≤1,0 % 0.145%
    Assay (auf getrockneter Basis) ≥98,5 % 99.33%
    Fazit The specification conform to USP 35


    Verpackung & Lieferung:


    Wir haben ein professionelles Team für Paket und Versand. Special way to ship 100grams to 100kg Powders at one time to your country. Schneller und diskreter Versand kann für Zollpass garantiert arrangiert werden.


    unsere Vorteile:


    1. Shanghai Taigui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd is a professional raw powder factory in China for
    Über 10 Jahre, all powders are factory directly supplying.

    2. Our products have exported to Germany, Norwegen, Polen, Finland, Spanien, Vereinigtes Königreich, France, Russland, USA,
    Australien, Japan, Korea and many other countries, over 3000t each month.

    3. Professional team special for package and shipment and staring on tracking code 24hours for customs
    pass guaranteed. 100% nach Großbritannien übergehen, Norwegen, Polen, Spanien, USA, Kanada, Brasilien; 98% pass to
    Deutschland,Russland, Australien, Neuseeland.

    4. Die meisten Pulver sind auf Lager, Chargeable samples are available, Could be shipped out within 24hours.

    5. Gute Qualität, good price, fast and safety delivery. Shipment by DHL, TNT, FEDEX, HKEMS, UPS, etc.

    Anfrageformular ( Wir werden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen melden )


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