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Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)

» Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)

99% Mestanolone Ace Muscle Enhancing Steroids CAS 521-11-9 Weißes Puder

Andere Hot-Sale-Produkte (Rohpulver)
Zahlungsbedingungen : Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin & Banküberweisung
Lieferfähigkeit : 10-500kg / Monat
Lieferzeit : Innerhalb 24 Std. nach Zahlungseingang
Verpackungsinformationen : Beutel aus Aluminiumfolie
Preis : Wettbewerbsfähig
FALL : 521-11-9
Molekularformel : C20H32O2
Molekulargewicht : 304.47
Aussehen : weißes Puder
Reinheit : >99%
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99% Mestanolone Ace Muscle Enhancing Steroids CAS 521-11-9 With Safe Delivery


Mestanolone raw powder is 100% pure active ingredient. Since it is considered liver-toxic in high dosages you should keep it out of reach of children.

Aussehen & Physical State: white to off-white crystalline powder
Dichte: 1.064g/cm3
Schmelzpunkt: 189 – 196C
Siedepunkt: 416.1ºC at 760mmHg
Flammpunkt: 177.6C
Refractive Index: 1.528
Stabilität: Stable at normal temperatures and pressures.
Lagerbedingungen: Kontrollierte Substanz, -20ºC Freezer

What are the advantages of using Mestanolone over other products?

One of the favored advantages of Mestanolone is having the benefits of a DHT type anabolic in an ingestible form. It can be added to a liquid drink or sprinkled on food and eaten. You never have to worry about absorbing enough of the product, such as a gel, or take painful injections. It is both discreet and easy.

The best advantage might be the psychological boost it gives you for maintaining a high stress physical routine. It acts as a bridge to strengthening both the mind and body for optimal performance results. The patent for the product took time to note the undeniable ability of the product to awaken and stimulate the entire nervous system to create an edge in physical abilities. Those tested doing high stress physical activities simultaneously with high neurological demands did extremely well while using Mestanolone.

There are also no appreciable changes in testosterone in 6 week long tests, although the results are not definite by the German scientists own admission. Tests were performed at 20mg doses and higher doses may have a different effect. It does show that a simple 6 week cycle at moderate dosages has no real effect. It is not designed to take for long periods of time due to the strain it can pose on the liver. It is best to cycle on and off periodically. It is an excellent way to preserve gains when you are having to seriously lean cycle.

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