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  • 99% Pure Coluracetam CAS: 135463-81-9 Smart Drugs for Brain Improve Belong to Nootropics

    Other Hot-Sale Products (Raw Powder)
    Model Number : 135463-81-9
    Certification : KOSHER/ISO9001/SGS
    Place of Origin : China
    MOQ : 100g
    Price : Negotiation
    Payment Terms : Western Union,Money Gram or T/T
    Supply Ability : 500 kg per month
    Delivery Time : After receipt of your payment
    Packaging Details : Discreet and Safe Packages
    Manufacturer : GC
    Assay : 99%
    Standard : USP
    Contact Person : Lily
    • Specifications

    99% Pure Coluracetam CAS: 135463-81-9 Smart Drugs for Brain Improve Belong to Nootropics

    Quick Detail:

    Name: Coluracetam
    Other names: BCI-540; MKC-231
    CAS#: 135463-81-9
    Molecular formula: C19H23N3O3
    Molecular weight: 341.404
    Density: 1.3
    Boiling point: 634.1ºC
    Flash point: 337.3ºC
    Solubility: soluble in DMSO and Ethanol
    Appearance: white powder
    Purity: 99%


    Coluracetam (BCI-540) is a nootropic drug of the racetam family.Coluracetam (formerly known as MKC-231) was initially developed and tested by the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation for Alzheimer’s disease.
    Coluracetam enhances high-affinity choline uptake which is the rate-limiting step of acetylcholine synthesis, and is the only known choline uptake enhancer to currently exist. Studies have shown
    Coluracetam to improve learning impairment on a single oral dose given to rats which have been exposed to cholinergic neurotoxins. Subsequent studies have shown that it may induce long-lasting procognitive effects by changing the choline transporter regulation system.


    Coluracetam also seems to have a bit of a stimulant effect. It should help to shake off any of the morning dreariness if taken upon waking and it may produce a nice, comfortable energy boost that can last well into the day. A number of users have reported that this is able to help them improve their motivation and ability to get things done.

    Another interesting effect is the apparent enhancement of sounds and colors. This can be compared to turning up the brightness on a TV or computer screen, with sounds become fuller and richer.


    Of the studies cited done on adult rats, the dosing schedule ranged anywhere from 1mg/kg up to 10mg/kg in (per day) . At the high end of that range, the dosing (accounting for Allometric scaling) in an average adult human would be equivalent to 2.9mg/kg; this would work out to 203.5mg/day for someone of an average weight.

    BrainCells Inc. also recently concluded Phase 2A trials of Coluracetam, under the name BCI-540, where they administered up to 80mg three times per day for Major Depressive Disorder in adult humans (or 1.14mg/kg in an average weight human); 36% of participants showed improvements in their scores on two tests for MDD.


    Analysis Test Specification Result
    Description White crystalline powder, odorless Conform
    Solubility Easily soluble in water, unsoluble in ethanol Conform
    PH 6.0~7.5 6.9
    Solution clarity and color Solution should be clear and colorless Conform
    Related substances 5’CMP 0.3%
    Simple impurity
    Total other impurity
    Chloride 0.05% Conform
    Ammonium 0.05% Conform
    Fe 0.01% Conform
    Phosphate 0.1% Conform
    Loss on drying ≤6.0% 1.3%
    Heavy metals 0.002% Conform
    Arsenide 0.0001% Conform
    Bacterial Endotoxins 0.3EU/mg Conform
    Microbial Limit Conform Conform
    Assay (on dried basis) ≥99.0% 99.8%
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    Welcome to inquiry!

    1. Legal status in the United States

    Adrafinil is easily available from supplement shops in the USA while Modafinil requires a prescription. That’s to say, adrafinil, unlike Modafinil, is not regulated in the United States of America and may privately be purchased without the need of a doctor’s prescription.

    2. Side effects comparison

    The side effects of Modafinil are similar to those listed for Adrafinil. Here we discover that Modafinil is far safer than Adrafinil for in a long period. The explanation for this is simple that Modafinil is not metabolized in the liver in the same way that Adrafinil is. Actually, when Adrafinil reaches your liver, the enzymes present actually convert this drug into Modafinil. It is this conversion process which puts stress on the organ and may lead to hepatoxicity.

    Model Number : 135463-81-9
    Certification : KOSHER/ISO9001/SGS
    Place of Origin : China
    MOQ : 100g
    Price : Negotiation
    Payment Terms : Western Union,Money Gram or T/T
    Supply Ability : 500 kg per month
    Delivery Time : After receipt of your payment
    Packaging Details : Discreet and Safe Packages
    Manufacturer : GC
    Assay : 99%
    Standard : USP
    Contact Person : Lily

    3. Potency and speed

    Adrafinil is first metabolized into modafinil in the liver. However, the metabolite takes around thirty minutes to one hour to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream when taken orally before eating anything. Because of the additional processing, Adrafinil takes longer time to take effect than Modafinil.Aniracetam is a Nootropic supplement which was developed in the 1970’s by the Hoffman-La Roche (Belgium) company. This supplement is also part of a class known as Racetams, which are particularly noted for their ability to help increase and improve a number of cognitive processes. Aniracetam also exhibits anxiolytic properties and enhances mood alongside memory and focus. This supplement has been well-studied for a number of years and is known to be generally very well-tolerated with minor side effects and a very low level of toxicity. However, before embarking on a supplementation program with Aniracetam powder it can be helpful to understand what the benefits are, how this supplement actually works, potential stacks, side effects, etc.The main benefits of Aniracetam are related to improved mental performance. This includes an increasein memory and possibly even enhanced learning capacity. This may actually occur differently in each person; some will see strong effects and begin remembering everything while others may just simply beginremembering small and subtle details.

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